This section contains all Policy, Procedure and Governance documents

RCC car parking survey

Neighbourhood Plan - Housing Needs Assessment

This document has been commissioned as part of the Neighborhood Plan process.

Neighbourhood Plan Committee - Terms of Reference

Terms under which the committee operates.

Tree Consultation Policy

Policy guiding the Parish Council's response to tree-related consultations and enquiries by members of the public

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Disciplinary Procedure

Reserves Policy


EWPC Email Policy

EWPC Privacy Notice

EWPC Subject Access Policy and Procedure

EWPC Freedom of Information publication scheme

General Privacy Notice

EWPC Media Policy

EWPC Risk Assessment

EWPC Financial Regulations

Reviewed and updated Jan 2024

EWPC Standing Orders

Code of Conduct

EWPC Grants and Donations Policy

Asset Register

List of all assets and their locations

Biodiversity Policy

The policy confirms the Parish Council's commitment to improving, wherever possible, the biodiversity in the village in respect of planning applications, land and property management, local community and any local partners.