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PROPOSAL: (T1) to (T5) - 5 no. beech trees - To be fully crown reduced by 2-3 meters. Also to be reduced from the house by 2-3 meters. (T4) of the beech trees to have a 4-5 meter reduction on the N/W facing limb, there's a large amount of inclusion with a high target. (T5) of the beech trees to also have large over extended limb reduced be 3-4m. (It's the limb that extends over the garden facing west). (T6) 1 no. Beech to be fully crown reduced by 2-3 meters. (T7) 1 no. beech tree to be removed to ground level, due to bad form and suppressing neighbouring trees, high target with gas tank, and the tree seems to have low amenity value. (T8)-T9) 2 no. beech trees to be reduced by 2-3 meters. These trees are at the left hand side to the garage and on the boundary line. (T10) 1 no. Goat willow to be re pollard at old points approximately 3-4 m.
The Lake House 21 Weston Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HQ
Comments by 4 May

PROPOSAL: 2No. conservation style roof windows
5 Well Cross Edith Weston Rutland LE15 HG

PROPOSAL: Change of use of hardstanding from an airfield to B8 vehicle storage (retrospective) Land At St George's Barracks Welland Road Edith Weston Rutland

PROPOSAL: Single storey extension to side of property and part single and part two storey extension at rear
9 Crummock Avenue Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HR
Comment by 19 May 2021

2021/0288/CST PROPOSAL: 2 no. Weeping Birch - Fell. Plumtree Cottage 26 Church Lane Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8EY

2021/0295/PTA PROPOSAL: Fell 1 No. (T1) Horse Chestnut. (T2) Horse Chestnut to be fully crown reduced by 2-3 meters. Large overextended north facing limb to be reduced by 4-5 meters over the Bt lines, also a large south facing limb to be reduced by 4-5 meters to take the tip weight out and pull the branch in from the neighbouring oak tree. Wyndham House 59 Weston Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HQ

PROPOSAL: Garage conversion to habitable space involving replacement of pitched roof with flat roof and lantern, removal of stone gable wall fronting Weston Road and insertion of bi fold doors. Single storey link between house and converted garage with flat roof and lantern. Increase height of lower section of stone boundary wall to form parapet with new flat roof of single storey link and insertion of new entrance door in an existing opening (head to be raised). Various external alterations to include insertion of new windows and alteration to an existing window opening, arrow slit windows, removal of section of rear external wall/glazing to form larger opening with bi- fold/sliding doors. 3 no. outdoor garden stores and bin store. Landscaping works to include formation of new paved terrace with garden steps, alterations to existing garden walls, construction of new pergola. New wall with iron gate and steps up to new driveway / parking area. Internal alterations to include the removal and insertion of internal walls and doors.
30 Weston Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HQ
Comments by 27 May 2021

2021/0318/FUL PROPOSAL: Removal of Condition 8 of planning permission FUL/2002/1043, to facilitate conversion back to a single dwelling house for homeowner family occupancy
The Old School House 2 Manton Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HB

PROPOSAL: Two storey side extension and single story porch at the front of the house. 20 Crummock Avenue Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HR

PROPOSAL: Conversion of two holiday lets (Use Class: C3) into one dwelling (Use Class: C3), remodelling of internal accommodation to include insertion of single central staircase, upgrades to insulation to comply with current building regulations, various external alterations to doors, windows and roof lights and repointing all elevations with lime mortar.
The Old School House 2 Manton Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HB

PROPOSAL: (T1) 1 no. Ash tree on boundary line to be Crown raised to 5 meters. Shuckburgh House 65 Weston Road Edith Weston Rutland LE15 8HQ

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