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4 Normanton Cottages
Empingham Road, Normanton
Rutland LE15 8RW

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Letter From Gale Waller, County Councillor, Normanton Ward

Covid-19 and other matters


Dear resident,

The day has finally arrived when most covid restrictions have finally lifted. I think we are all more pleased than we can say but might I still urge caution. Where business proprietors request you wear a face mask please do so, and also wear one in enclosed spaces such as public transport and keep your distance if possible. Whilst the majority of Rutland's adult residents have had at least one jab the virus is still spreading and people are being hospitalised so caution is sensible.

On a separate note our local NHS is planning on expanding mental health services in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area. I would urge you to complete their consultation to ensure some of these services come into Rutland and we are not having to travel to Leicester! Details here: https://www.leicspart.nhs.uk/news/step-up-to-great-mental-health-services-in-leicester-leicestershire-and-rutland/

Finally, many of you have taken part in Rutland County Council's Future Rutland conversation. The Council has now summarised the views expressed and wants to know if the summaries truly reflect your views. Please take time to read the summaries and respond as it is important that the views of villagers are given equal weight with those of the residents of our two towns. https://future.rutland.gov.uk/future-rutland-conversation

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward

gwaller@rutland.gov.uk 01780 722169

Posted: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:17 by Cathie Gwilliam

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