Statement Concerning the Officers Mess Area

Statement Concerning the Officers Mess Area

"Edith Weston Parish Council, supported by village opinion surveys and other local interested Parish Councils, views the Officers' Mess site as an integrated part of the St George's Barracks development, rather than a stand-alone project. As such, we see no need for it to be identified by a separate name, other than perhaps 'SGB Phase 1' or 'Former SGB Officers' Mess Site'"

This statement will be incorporated into a forthcoming Advisory Group Meeting with RCC and reflects extensive consultation around the village. For clarity this has been discussed at length with the EW Advisory Group and Ward Councillors. The essence is that to detach the Officers Mess Site from the whole project is inappropriate. Edith Weston wishes any such discussions to be visible at a county level.

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Posted: Sun, 26 Aug 2018 19:16 by Norman Milne

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