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URGENT - 1st to 3rd November - North Luffenham Airfield Closures day and night.

Edith Weston


September 2022

The airfield will be in use during the day and night of the 1st to the 3rd November for dog training and will include bite dogs.

The airfield will be out of bounds over that period.

Vacancy of Parish Councillor - Edith Weston Parish Council

Edith Weston


August 2022



Pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, that because of the resignation of Norman Milne, a vacancy exists in the office of Councillor for Edith Weston Parish Council.

If by 6 September 2022 (14 days* after the date of this notice), a request for an election to fill the said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at Catmose, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HP by TEN electors for the said Parish, an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.


Date: 16 August 2022

* In computing any period of time for this purpose, a Saturday, Sunday, day of the Christmas break, of the Easter break or of a bank holiday or day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning must be disregarded.

“The Christmas break” means the period beginning with the last week day before Christmas Eve and ending with the firstweek day after Christmas Day which is not a bank holiday, “the Easter break” means the period beginning with the Thursday before and ending with the Tuesday after Easter Day, and “a bank holiday break” means any bank holiday not included in the Christmas break or Easter break and the period beginning with the last week day before that bank holiday and ending with the next week day which is not a bank holiday.



August 2022

The County Council has opened a public consultation over how and where the council builds additional housing. If you remain silent, you may not like the result. Small villages like ours need to respond to avoid being lost in the noise of larger towns.

If you only do one thing…

The survey is a nightmare of confusion, and extremely long and difficult to navigate, howeveryou do not have to answer all the questions.

Questions 11-24 are important, but if you only do one thing, question 11 is the one for you!

This is about the number of new houses to be put in the plan. Option A is in line with government recommendations, does the most to preserve our rurality, and is the best defence against the creation of a new town.

If you would like more information on the main issues we feel need to be highlighted, like carbon-neutral construction, adequate infra-structure and parking in a county with poor public transport, just reply to this email and we'll do our best to help you.


This is the link to register and take part

The link to Q.11 (AFTER registering) is this

Change of date - August Parish Council Meeting


August 2022

The New Local Plan - Planning for Rutlands Future


July 2022

Rutland County Council is consulting on Issues and Options for a New Local Plan.

Consultation runs until 16th September 2022

This is the first stage of public consultation. No decisions about the Local Plan have been made. We are seeking views on a range of planning issues and possible options for future development in Rutland.

We want your views on the scale and location of development, how we can cut carbon, increase biodiversity and provide infrastructure to support housing.

This consultation does not identify any potential development sites.

Leicestershire Police - Neighbourhood Link

Edith weston


March 2022

Neighbourhood Link

Community Messaging Services

Share your views and have your say on policing on our area.

Liberal Democrats Normanton Ward Focus

Edith Weston


March 2022

From Rutland County Councillor Gale Waller

How can we make our roads safer

Edith weston


March 2022

Alicia Kearns

Conservative MP Rutland and Melton

Road safety is one of the top concerns of residents across Rutland, Melton, the Vale and Harborough Villages.

There are dangerous junctions. Some of them, like the A606 junction with Six Hills Lane, are being improved following my intervention.

There are also too many instances of speeding through villages – and the noise that comes from it, especially from motorbikes.

And there are schools which are experiencing serious problems with speeding.

I want to work with our Councils to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible in our communities.

So I'm asking you to tell me which roads and junctions worry you most.

Complete the survey by using the link below.

More information:

Airfield Out of Bounds 10 Feb.

Edith Weston


February 2022

Please be advised that the airfield will be out of bounds on Thursday 10 Feb due to Military Working Dogs working there until 2200hrs.

Future Rutland Conversation

Edith Weston


November 2021

Residents may not know but RCC are offering Rutland residents the opportunity to comment on the Future Vision for Rutland. In the past villages like ours have been under represented and the parish council strongly urge you to get involved.This is the current newsletter from RCC.

Please also see the letter attached with further information on how to get involved.

Hello and welcome to the latest Future Rutland Conversation newsletter!

Over the past few months, we've been reviewing all of the feedback given to us by residents, businesses and visitors to the county as part of a huge effort to create a new Shared Vision for Rutland – something that sets out Rutland's long-term goals and brings people together.

Put simply, we asked you what kind of county you want to live in and the Vision paints a picture of the place you described.

We're getting very excited because we're aiming to publish a draft copy of the Vision in early November. After you've had a chance to read it, you will be able to help shape a final version by telling us what you think online, in person and over the phone.

Our next newsletter in November will let you know when the Vision is available to read and explain more about how to get involved.

In the meantime, you can re-read everything we've been told so far on Future Rutland website:

Click here to view the themed summary reports

Thank you for your continued interest in the Future Rutland Conversation and we look forward to sharing your Vision with you very soon.

The Future Rutland Team,

Rutland County Council

More information:

November Parish Council Newsletter

Edith Weston


November 2021

Dear Residents.

Hopefully you will all have noticed we hand delivered your November newsletter this time. This was to enable us to catch any new residents to the village and give them the opportunity to sign up for the email distribution of our updates.

In passing I thought I would just say how much I enjoyed seeing all the brilliant carved pumpkins around the village as I was delivering the newsletter, there were some very good ones out there, well done everyone.

If anyone who has not already done so please feel free to contact me and sign up for regular updates from the Parish Council. Your details are kept purely for the distribution of Parish Council updates and information and will not be shared with anyone outside the parish council.

If at any point you wish to cancel your subscription, please let me know and your details will be deleted from our records.

Kind regards,

Cathie Gwilliam

Edith Weston Parish Council Clerk

01780 460128

Edith Weston Film Club

Edith Weston


October 2021

We are considering running a film club in Edith Weston and would really like to understand how much support there would be for this and who would like to be involved in setting it up and running the events. The Village Hall Committee have also kindly given their initial support. Please refer to the new Community/ Film Club page to vote or email use the Contact Us form and the Parish Council will pass on your suggestions to the organisers.

More information:

Rutland South Dedicated Policing Team

Edith Weston


October 2021

Monthly Crime Reports will now be added to the website.

To find the reports please following the link below.

More information: