Clerk: Catherine Gwilliam
4 Normanton Cottages
Empingham Road, Normanton
Rutland LE15 8RW

Tel: 01780 460128

Here are some recently asked questions

Will our Council Tax fall

Why is nothing simple? Unfortunately the answer isn't. Your Council Tax is made up of 4 elements - Rutland County Council, Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner, Rutland Combined Fire Authority and the Parish (i.e. us). The first three elements are the same across the county, that is, every household pays the same amount in each band. Those three authorities control how much that is.

The Parish bit is called the Precept and that is controlled by Edith Weston Parish Council. If you would like to know how you stand this year in terms of costs take a look at the image below This is an extract from the RCC document from 2015

Our Street Light is still out !

These are something of a mixed bag in our village. Most are maintained by RCC but we have to pay direct electricity charges on quite a few. We continue to report all lights we are notified of. The current Highways response would appear that due to its priorities, street lights are on a four week repair schedule at best.

If you know of a problem contact us

That radar speed sign on Normanton Rd doesn't work.

Yes we know, but try as we may to get it fixed it works for a while and then dies. A bit like us really.

Ask a question about the village

There are plenty of people in the village that know a lot about something. We often get questions from people that served in the Forces or have had family that lived here and wish to visit. Others arrive and then stay but need to know where the best flower shop or chandlery is.
Just ask.... it may take a while to get back to you but someone will try.

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What web browser do I use?

Pretty much any modern browser but be aware that you will find from time to time (not all that often) minor differences in performance or display. Naturally there are tricks to fix these and you can read more about "flushing caches" here. It is a bit geeky but hopefully this will help.