This Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by Edith Weston Parish Council to guide the future development of the Neighbourhood Area. The Plan seeks to positively address climate change, protect the natural landscape, encourage heritage-led regeneration and support communities of the Neighbourhood Area now and in the future.

Once made, this new Plan will replace the existing ‘made’ Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan. The Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan guides future development, focused on the themes of sustainable growth, residential development, natural landscape, green space, heritage, design, transport and other matters. The Neighbourhood Plan encompasses the historic village of Edith Weston and its rural surrounds including part of Rutland Water within the neighbourhood area. The Neighbourhood Plan responds to the challenges the communities face, adapting to changing needs in a rural settlement.

The Neighbourhood Plan is based on analysis of data and of evidence; previous plans; and the views of the community. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group formed in July 2019 and the early community engagement began August 2019. Building upon the early community engagement, the themes for the Neighbourhood Plan emerged, providing insight into local issues of importance to the community. Further engagement included a householder questionnaire in November 2022 and focused consultation on proposed Local Green Space in September 2021.

The Neighbourhood Plan has also been supported by a range of technical reports including design codes and Housing Needs Assessment that together with the community engagement have informed the structure of the plan and its policies.

Throughout the engagement and preparation of the plan Edith Weston Parish Council together with the Steering Group have kept people informed and engaged via this website.

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