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Surface Dressing - Temporary Road Closures

Surface Dressing - Temporary Road Closures

Wed, 04 Jul 2018 18:53 by Norman Milne

Yes it is time for a little extra tar and dressing on the roads near Edith Weston. There are plenty across the county but I guess you will just need to know the local ones...

The effect of the order will be that from 16th July 2018 until 21st December 2018 , vehicles will be prohibited from

either proceeding along the lengths of road specified below, or be subject to a temporary speed limit of not more than More »

10mph under convoy working.

The effect of the order will not come into place until after the required signage is erected on site.

Road closure : The length of road known as Lyndon Road, Manton, for the distance of 801 metres

It is anticipated that the works will start on 30th July 2018 and the works will last for 1 day

Road closure : The length of road known as Manton Road, Edith Weston for the distance of 3326 metres

It is anticipated that the works will start on 30th July 2018 and the works will last for 1 day

Road closure : The length of road known as Normanton Road, Edith Weston for the distance of 2317 metres

It is anticipated that the works will start on 30th July 2018 and the works will last for 1 day

Road closure : The length of road known as Exton Road, Empingham for the distance of 2348 metres

It is anticipated that the works will start on 31st July 2018 and the works will last for 1 day » Less

ST GEORGE’S BARRACKS – MP Consultation Meeting

Wed, 04 Jul 2018 18:06 by Norman Milne

On 22 Jun 18, Sir Alan Duncan MP Chaired a meeting to review the St George's Barracks Masterplan. Invited were representatives of Rutland County Council, their consultants, RegenCo, the Ministry of Defence (Defence Infrastructure Organisations), County Councillors and representatives of a number of Parish Councils.

Though not an official record of the meeting, which has yet to be published, please find attached a summary of the notes that made at that meeting by Mr Paul Cummings. His personal perceptions are included in the final paragraph of the document. More »

The most important outcome of the meeting was an agreement to form an Advisory Group to work with RCC to help inform the Barrack Development Plan.

We still await minutes from our MP


Sun, 10 Jun 2018 17:56 by Norman Milne

There is just one week left to comment on the draft Masterplan consultation that proposes to turn St.Georges Barracks and the airfield training area in to a new town and large quarry. If you are concerned about these proposals then make sure your voice is heard, the more comments received from the local community the more chance we have of influencing the final form of the development.What you say now matters.You can respond on line by going to this webpage:https://www.stgeorgesrutland.co.uk/If you would like a paper form and a copy of the development proposals please contact the Village ShopSome of the Issues to consider in your response1The scale and density of the proposed new town; is this 'Right for Rutland'? If build as currently proposed the new town will have 3,500 homes, this equates to about 9,800 people. Rutland's total population is currently only about 38,000 people. What do you think?We believe a green gap should be part of the proposed country park and available for the quiet enjoyment of all local residents.What do you think?3. The Masterplan proposes that a quarry should be developed to within a few hundred metres of North Luffenham and that it should extend up to the southernmost boundary of the old airfield. This poses a noise and pollution risk to any in a New Town and both villages. We believe there should be a wider separation zone, and that the quarry should not cross south of the old airfield taxi way. This would provide a better buffer zone, be less intrusive in the wider landscape and would also conserve an access corridor to the proposed heritage and ecology zone around the Thor Missile Sites. Importantly this access corridor would continue to provide fantastic views over the Chater valley, views that would be lost to the public if the site was quarried.What do you think?4. The Masterplan does not currently set out any clear plans for the infrastructure that will (or won't) be provided before and during the building of the new town. We feel this is a major omission. In addition to the issues already mentioned the acceptability of the proposals will depend on improvements to major road junctions and how the routes the inhabitants of the new town are steered (through careful design and planning) to use in getting to and from it.What do you think?Now is your chance to make your voice heard – don't miss out.PS – If you have already responded and feel there are still issues you would like to raise then please respond again to the consultation